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Grab the Corkscrew — Wine May Help Fight Cavities

Grab the Corkscrew — Wine May Help Fight Cavities
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A recent experiment has led some researchers to suggest that wine may help fight dental cavities. In the experiment, cultures of various types of cavity-causing bacteria were grown as bio-film, then submerged in a variety of liquids, including red wine with and without alcohol, as well as wine spiked with grape-seed extract. All the variations of wine were the most successful at getting rid of bacteria.

There are a couple of factors that contribute to this much-beloved libation being effective at cavity fighting. The antioxidants present in grape-seed extract can improve your overall health, but the key to wine’s effectiveness is its substantive ability to remain on teeth for an extended length of time. Wine’s high substance gives its antioxidants all the time they need to fight harmful bacteria.

But before any wine lovers raise a glass to celebrate yet another reason to have a glass, be warned that what makes wine good for your oral health also makes it problematic for the aesthetic integrity of your teeth. It’s true that ingredients in wine can lead to fewer dental cavities; however, it also causes discoloration. That’s right. While drinking wine regularly may fight dental cavities, it also stains teeth. This news may put a damper on your celebratory mood, but do not dismay — you can still enjoy your favorite merlot. There are a variety of teeth-whitening treatments that will keep your smile bright white and looking its best.

From teeth whitening strips to rinses to in-office bleaching, there is a wide array of fast and affordable solutions for stained teeth. So go ahead and indulge in a glass of your best cabernet at dinner tonight, and then call Dr. Weber today at (661) 952-7865 to find out how you can maintain a bright smile with a glass in hand!